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Crafting Walking Stick Professional

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Location: London
Price: £49.99

I actually bought this German collapsible walking stick and have used it ever since and it's been well worth the price but I had to pay a pretty penny for it but at that time that was the choice I had inside Beijing where I couldn't get out in the woods and I didn't know where I could cut a sapling to make a walking stick but the big benefit of this one and I've used this a lot for s is right here you can put a camera on here and I have used this as a plb to keep my  camera upright on a number of the s that I've made on Okanagan forest channel so even though I had to pay top dollar for this I've now used it for more than 15 years and so it's still in my mind represents a very good value along the same line here's an old cross-country pole that I put some electricians tape on and it's a little bit more flexible but there are times when you want something like that too.

A couple years ago I was in China and I bought one of these collapsible hiking sticks and I paid a dollar twenty-five in a tourist trap now what I'm saying is that these are cheap and when companies like REI and I think they're the biggest villain in this case when companies like REI sell these to you for 50 or more dollars most of that is going to pay the middle people and to enrich the the leadership of REI the people that work there the executives so I wouldn't recommend these furthermore they don't last that long they begin to break down the plastic doesn't work that well and it just isn't as good as just a full used recycled old hiking pole here's something that some of you serious hikers have probably seen before and have maybe even used but this is an ice axe this is an ice axe that I've had for a long time and as you know if you're hiking across glaciers sometimes you have to have something that you can rest with in other words stop yourself.

If you begin to fall it could be very dangerous well these are great it's a little heavy but the problem with most of the ice axes that you'll see now is that they're not long enough they're not long enough to be a cane that you could use like this when you're walking across those glacier filled streams and you need a third leg so this one's one that I bought again years ago but it's quite long and when I have a need for that kind of tool this is the one that I use now let's let's change tracks a little bit I'm thinking now of all my friends north of the border in Canada what could be better for awalking cane then a recycled hockey stick and that's what I have here okay cut the bottom off it's just about the right length you can use it in a number of situations and it works really really well I don't know about you I'm now standing along Puget Sound see another ferry coming in they're standing along Puget Sound and I like to Beach comb  in on their craft they have to do that I really love anybody who doesn't those are the people I partner with those are the people I support and invest in he's making a lot of changes a lot of people's life and then there's one thing to talk to him about helping other people with this vision that he got and he wants to make a big difference he's gonna give back I told him whatever you want to do we both can walk that journey.