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Dynamo Walking Cane Professional

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It's designed to match these threads right in here just perfectly now you can attach these handles without using this as a fasting system and the threads can work to kind of help all hold on to the epoxy when you put it on onto the stick like that but today I'll show you how to use this it might be just a little bit easier way to use it so the first thing you'll need it can be a couple of things you'll need a 7/16 drill bit two-part epoxy and of course your cane handle and then the wooden cane itself so the first thing you want to do is mark Dynamo Walking Cane either between a 2 & a half-inch line on your drill bit and you want to drill a hole as close as you can to the centre of the stick about two or two-and-a-half inches down like that and so I'm mark on the drill bit right here so that way was I'm drilling it in.

I can tell how far I've gone in once in there I can back it back out once you have that in just you've got a flat top and kind of a tapered top right here thread with the tapered side down onto the fastening system and then put some epoxy down inside the hole that you just drilled and so that epoxy then will kind of fill up the void right here but we use a 7/16 drill bit so that the fastening system is just a little bit oversized and that gives you just a little bit of room to play with it in case you haven't quite centred the hole on there or it's not quite cut square on the top too so that gives it a little bit of wiggle room to make sure that that's done right Walking Cane for Women so we'll go ahead and do that and so you'll put some epoxy down in there epoxy this in place just like that so we're gonna go ahead and glue it and we'll come right back okay.

We just got that epoxy in place I just poured some glue down into the hole that we drilled and filled the epoxy into it and then press the saloon to insert down in and so now it's well locked in place so with that glued in place now I can just take the ferrule off of the handle and then simply thread that on to the stick and notice just a nice good joint coming into it now say your stick is a little bit bigger than that’s okay you can say you have you know an inch and a half diameter stick you know you can still kind of soften that transition as it comes into the handle also another tip to if you're worried about the glue kind of coming out onto the stick itself just put a little bit of painters tape around there and then once you put the glue on there you can always peel that off to get a good clean joint but we did it and we did okay so it's not leaking out at all over here but yeah with the handle in place now or the ferrule in place.