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Audi Tt

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About Audi Audi Top Models About Audi Audi Top Models Audi A1 ,Audi A2, Audi A3, Audi A4,Audi A5,Audi A6, Audi Q7, Audi S3, Audi Tt Vorsprung durch Technik, Audi's famous tagline, translates as 'Advancement through technology', an apt description of the German brand's reputation as a sophisticated and innovative industry leader. Audi's position alongside Germany's fellow 'Big Three' car manufacturers, BMW and Mercedes-Benz, is well established and its reputation is consistent with the core characteristics that have come to define the very best German auto engineering: butch yet elegant styling, a knack for understated luxury and, just as the famous slogan suggests, the smart application of cutting edge technology to produce cars that exude quality. Early Audi models were named after their horsepower rating and it was the Audi 100 that spearheaded a new era for the brand. The 100 was developed in secret at a time when Auto Union was under threat of disappearing all together under the auspices of Volkswagen. When VW saw the finished prototype they were so impressed that the car was immediately authorised for production. There's a composed, classical refinement about Audi's cars that is perfectly expressed by the four intersecting rings of its iconic logo. In fact this design was originally devised as a representation of the merging of four companies (Audi, DKW, Horch and Wanderer) in 1932 to form Auto Union, Audi's predecessor company. Before that Audi was originally founded in 1910 by August Horch and it is from his name that Audi - meaning to listen in Latin - derives as a play on Horch, German for 'hark!' or hear. Though Audi enjoyed some success as part of Auto Union it all but disappeared behind the company's DKW brand, which accounted for 17.9% of the German car market by 1938. It wasn't until 1965 that the Audi brand name was resurrected when Volkswagen, who by then had acquired a 50% holding of Auto Union, scrapped the DKW brand and revamped the DKW F102, which was equipped with an out-dated two stroke engine, as the four-stroke F103, which hit the market branded as simply 'Audi'. The 100 proved a great success and was quickly joined by the Audi 80 and 50, which became the template for VW's famous Polo. In 1980 the turbocharged Audi Quattro was developed and played a massive part in transitioning the brand from it's then relatively conservative image to the progressive, sporty Audi we know today. Over the course of the 80s and 90s Audi developed a reputation for high-performance cars and the bold application of new technology, it also shifted upmarket to take on Mercedes and BMW at their own game, a role Audi has played very successfully ever since. Bunjoo's Top Audi Models AUDI A3 SPORTBACK Audi's upmarket take on the VW Golf does more than simply spruce up the trusty Volkswagen, it offers a powerful and responsive driving experience, sleek styling and a classy and well-equipped interior. Most impressively the A3 Sport back does a terrific job of balancing its fun, sporty ride with an impressive sense of refinement and luxury. Fuel economy is competitive across the range and e-tron plug-in hybrid model is capable of delivering an amazing 179 mpg if electric power is fully utilised. AUDI A6 SALOON The current A6 saloon offers good value for money, especially given the car's strong economic performance compared to rival executive models. Low CO2 emissions make the 2.0 TDI Ultra a particularly frugal choice, which isn't to say that this hefty saloon lacks power. In fact, the A6 offers surprisingly nippy performance and all the refinement you'd expect from an Audi. AUDI TT COUPE The second-generation TT coupe cleverly evolved the original iconic TT with understated but undeniably sleek new styling and significantly improved performance. Aluminium chassis and bodywork mean that the second-generation TT is lighter and more agile than its predecessor despite boasting slightly larger proportions and more space. The ride is refined and easy when you want it to be but packs a serious punch when you put this dashing coupe through its paces. A decent sized boot adds practicality, but the backseats will probably prove too snug a fit for most adults. AUDI A1 HATCHBACK Among the most desirable super minis on the market, the A1's good looks and classy, well-equipped interior help it stands out from the crowd. In many respects the A1 is an upmarket alternative to the Mini, offering a more mature, sophisticated take on the form that makes up for a lack of the Mini's mischievous sense of fun with exceptional build-quality and an impeccably smooth, near-silent ride. AUDI Q5 4X4 Audi's compact SUV is a typically composed and classy vehicle that offers a sporty, slimmed down version of the larger Q7. Which isn't to say that the Q5 compromises on space, there's loads of room both in the cabin and boot, which can easily be expanded by folding the rear seats down. This is a highly practical car that will suit all manner of day-to-day family uses while delivering brisk performance and a refined, comfortable ride. It's probably not the best option for full-blown off-roading but quattro all-wheel drive transmission and traction control ensure that the Q5 is more than capable in challenging conditions.