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Volkswagen Fox

Used Volkswagen Fox car for Sale | Bunjoo Motors

All About Volkswagen It brought us the beautiful Beetle, but iconic design isn't the only thing we have to thank Volkswagen for. Year after year it's worked to raise the bar of ordinary cars, improving engineering, build quality, and safety standard more than perhaps any other brand. Today it's surrounded by imitators, but continues to fight its corner with solid, incredibly reliable motors. Volkswagen is just as its name translates - the 'people's car.' Launched in 1937 under the more unwieldy name Geselschaft zur Vorbereitung des Deutschen Volkswagen mbH, it was renamed in 1937 with its HQ established in Wolfsburg. In fact, this city was created specifically for workers at the VW plant, tasked with producing Hitler's dream machine for the average German driver, designed by none other than Ferdinand Porsche. Britain nabbed control of production when the Allies marched on Germany, and the post-war years saw VW get straight into production of the Type 1, more lovingly known as the VW Beetle. Easy to maintain, and low on fuel consumption, by 1955 over 1 million Beetles had been sold, predominantly to hip younger drivers. By 1972 that number would increase to 15 million, making it the most popular car in the world. Diversification and alternative VW models came with collaborations with Audi/Auto Union, which VW purchased in the 60s. The 70s saw the birth of the hugely successful Golf, the sporty Scirocco, and the Polo, securing Volkswagen's place as the king of the hatchback. The brand has since grown and expanded globally, taking over key competitors, including Spain's Seat and the Czech Republic's Skoda. More recently, Volkswagen has concentrated on luxury models via its Audi arm, as well as its own affordable luxury successes like the Touareg. It's a brand that's also hellbent on reducing fuel consumption, tweaking those engines and investing in hybrid technology too. Bunjoo's Top Volkswagen Models VOLKSWAGEN GOLF Since the Golf emerged in 70s, VW has shifted a jaw dropping 29 million of these babies. There have obviously been many revamps since then, but its design and purpose remain the same - to be the best hatchback on the market. This it achieves in spades, with the smoothest drive in its class, calm, practical, quality interiors and, of course, that VW never-fail reliability. Seriously rivalling those other hatchback-peddlers Ford and Vauxhall, the later the model, the better the fuel efficiency you'll enjoy. VOLKSWAGEN UP This is VW's city car, its smallest car to date. Designed to get you from A to B in a jiffy, with beautiful handling in the tightest of corners, and a dream to park in the tiniest of spaces. It's a newbie on the roster, launched in 2011, and immediately shook up the city car sector. It comfortably seats four, achieves the maximum five-star Euro NCAP rating, and is available with two 1.0 litre engine options, as well as an all-electric model. It may be a little pricier than its nearest rivals, but it delivers across the board, and feels far more upmarket thanks to those classy VW interior touches. VOLKSWAGEN TOUAREG This is Volkswagen's entry into the big off-road market, and it works. Powered by a beefy V8, it also features air suspension that can give you an extra 78mm height above road level, giving it some serious off-road capability. Choose from 3 litre VG and 4.2 litre V8 diesels, or a hybrid - yes - hybrid, teamed with a 3-litre supercharged V6 petrol engine. Later models feature an 8-speed automatic gearbox that's as smooth as you could dream of, and, as you'd expect from a VW, the interior build quality and comfort is superb. VOLKSWAGEN XL1 This futuristic hybrid looks like it's just flown in from outer space. Not just high-tech in its audacious design, it packs some serious technical wizardry onboard too. VW tells us that this car is the most fuel-efficient production car in the world - and who are we to argue? This extraordinary drive packs in a 47hp two-cylinder 800cc TDi engine and an electric motor. On electric power along you can go 31 miles, with an electric top speed of 99mph and you'll get an astounding 261mpg out of this thing. VOLKSWAGEN POLO This is VW's sensible supermini that looks great, offers a range of cracking engines, is cheap to run and insure, with low cost servicing and ultimate reliability adding to its list of benefits. Reassuringly well-made inside and out, you can expect VW's cut-above interior quality, low tax bands to cut your costs, and later models feature a raft of high-tech spec, like touch screens that give you instant Android app access.