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Terpenes Explained Professional

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We talked about tetra taping we have beta keratin and poly taping we have rubber so rubber is a synthetic polymer so this is a polymer  that means we have polyterpene so there are many  techniques in rubber so it's it's easier to get it  okay so let's talk about um how to identify some isoprene unit so this is an isoprene unit this is Buy Terpenes an isoprene unit this is isoprene unit but how can you identify isoprene unit from let's say a compound  or a terpene so the terpene you can be asked to identify how many isoprene units they have so you  have to know how to identify each isoprene unit in a tapping structure so we said we have the head  and the tail and the head is the end closer to the metal group and the tail is the other end so from  the head you count four carbons so you have one   two three four then you strike here so this is one isoprene unit as you can see they've identified it  with a black color so the red sign here means we  are cutting the end over here so this is not part of the group so when we are starting from another  superior unit we will start from here that means   one two three four so if there was another carbon  here then we will cut it over here that means this  will not be possible.

This is the head and  this is the tail so we start counting from the head the parts with the metal group attached so that's how we identify isoprene so we have one two three four then you cut so this is the head and this is the tail okay so how to identify isoprene unit so as i said earlier as you can see from here we have one   two three four so we count one two  three four and take note in the um the characteristics of terpenes we said  they can have double bonds they can have single bonds they can be cyclic so don't be  confused that uh this is not having a double bond but the normal isoprene unit is having a  double bond there can be a double bond they can also be the absence of double bonds so take note True Terpenes so just have to count from the parts closer to the metal end so as you can see here we have a metal  group here so you can start counting from one two  three four then you cut so one two three  four then you cut but you must make sure that the head is closer to the metal group so as  you can also see from here one two that means  there is this methyl group over here.

So the methyl  group should be carbon five so one two three four  then you cut the next one one two three  four but make sure that the one is closer  to the metal group which will be carbon five  then you cut one two three four then you cut so the -OH each group is not part of the  isoprene unit so as you can see here you have one that's closer to the metal group so one or  this can also be one where this will be the methyl group so one can be here one can be here then  two three four all right so one two three four   one two three four because this is  one is the reason why this is one is Terpenes for sale  um it is closer to the metal group so that's  how we identify isoprene units all right so   if you don't get it just rewind the video and  make sure you get the understanding very well okay so let's try this and let's identify the  number of isoprenoides so we have this structure over here we don't know what the structure are  or the number of isoprene units it contains so that we can classify it whether it's uh sesquiterpene,diterpene,monoterpene triterpene, tetraterpene or polyterpene all right.