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Terpenes For Sale Professional

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A list here so just getlook let's just give them a couple like maybe maybe three or four all rightgelato um atlantis sour diesel um and again the white widow grand grand daddypurple granddaddy purple so for any of our growers that are listening or forpeople who really really know about their strains um i hope that this is aeducational for you so that as you you know um promote your aspect of the thebusiness that you're able to talk about the benefits of um of these terpenes asthey work together with the Buy Terpenes him and or um cbd or thc and guys keep in mindthat as we talk about these terpenes these are terpenes that whether you are aum cbd um smoker because they do have cbd flour or you are a thc um uh user youcan find these terpenes at at either the either level so you don't have to beworried about well i don't partake of thc if you can utilize um cbd and you canask for those particular strains so there we go all right you ready for then next. 

All about Terpenes

One dr dana i am ready for the next one all right here we go pamphine allright campine um has a it's a pungent more more of a pungent terpene um knownfor it's roughly tense oh i got um a echo did you hear that i don't it's gonenow um eating a woodsy like aroma um reminiscent of fur needles like in thosefir trees right right major constituent of mastic gum oil and a minorconstituent of many essential oils such as turpentine cypress oil camphor oilcitronella oil neroli oil ginger oil and valerian that's interesting because ihave um i have cyprus and uh ginger and valerian oil i love valerian tea umsomething else that i found out about camping is much like the terpene myserene camping again is known for its earthy scent emitting that you know thatwoodsy smell.

Terpenes in Cannabis and Essential Oils

 But its name suggests that um camping has been found in camphoroil yes as well as centronella all the oils that we just mentioned and beforethe civil war campaign was a popular fuel used for for lamps however due to itshighly explosive quality it was replaced over time by kerosene so it's known toalso emit a strong irritating smoke at high temperatures so this is somethingto keep in mind when it comes to camping's presents in your flower um althoughit's it's it's non-isolated small amounts of camping in a cannabis strain isconsidered safe but you want to be mindful of that right absolutely alsocampaign um medicinally the the oh you have true terpenes all right heart helpinganti-inflammatory pain relieving pain relieving terpene it's also an antioxidantand hypo cholesterol it helps with your cholesterol i guess it's going to lowerthe cholesterol let's go all over the uh glycemic hyper gly yeah that onehypotriglycer yeah that one all those those words that deal with yourcholesterol right yeah get with it exactly exactly