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Walking Cane For Women Professional

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Location: London
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Well welcome back to the book ranch today we got a really nice day it's supposed to rain later but what I'm gonna try to do today is to create a staff of hedgewood I've shot a Walking Cane for Women doing this before but this time I'm gonna do something a little different in the past all that drawing off when I typically do is use a dremel tool to smooth it out and you know shape it the way I want and get through some of the knots well I bought a belt sander this winter and haven't used it yet but my plan is to take the belt sander after I get the bark off and then use that to shape the stay of this the way I want it so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it it works a lot easier because it's really really time-consuming to do it with a dremel - it works but it takes a lot of time and a lot of sanding discs so so that's the plan and just want to capture a video and show you the process of making these stamps out of hedgewood and follow along with us so here we go stave here is really long sander and finish it up so now we take this old antique draw knife scrape the mark off you get there's two layers of bark there's a there's another inner layer that covers the hard you got to get down through that too.

So there's no way to do it was just to do it all right well I got a basic shape cut out and maybe the worker would understand sometimes the wood dictates to you what the final results gonna be indeed the case here this one had a really nasty crack all the way down just about all the way through the wood so I had to cut that off instead of making a walking staff I'm gonna makeup just like an okay which is just as cool and it kind of serves the purpose of what I'm doing today for an experiment anyway but before I do that you can store it on the belt sander I just want to try to do a little bit just not and also on the en Bigfoot Cane I'm gonna shave it down a little bit we can't get to it with the draw knives oh that's just to just kind of get the final shape around later it's not these lots of really nasty I'm not sure if I'll be able to get close to that often rock with the hatchet but I'll give it a shot otherwise.

I'm just gonna have to sand the heck out of it so all right well I'll get the basic shape hacked out you know it looks kind of rough not was but that's okay cuz that will stand out and I just wanted to get the hard part out so I didn't waste time you know trying to burn through that but overall I think it's this is gonna be a pretty good one I'm not completely sure yet if that's the right lead but I want to at least start with a little bit more than I thought I would need and then I can always cut it down more at the end or.