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Walking Cane Professional

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Whatever you want to call this that's underneath the bark on the outside it's part of the bark is browner it's much drier this whole thing feels drier it sounds drier it doesn't have that cold feel to it okay so this is probably not I don't know what the moisture content it's probably not 100% but it's much harder getting this bark off at this point so this will not have to dry as long because this has already been drying on the ground so you don't want something that's completely rotten and the bark just Falls right off of it and the wood is begun to you know a decaying process Walking Cane because then it's not going to be a sturdy wood these greener pieces like this one when this dries once I've taken the bark off and when this dries it's going to be really hard and strong and it'll be lighter but it won't it'll last forever whereas if you just left the bark on it left it outside it's kind of its kind of possibly decay in agribusiness sorry had the radio on there so anyway I wanted to talk about getting the bark off these so first of all I'm using this just a knife that I'm skiing most of the bark off with and then.

This wood seems solid unfussy trustworthy and tough it's tightly twisted grain soon dulling the sharpest of blades so elm has a deep history it's bales imagined to be the haunt of elves and fairies and its aura is of melancholy and death indeed countless generations have been laid to rest in elm coffins and almost every image of rural england before the 1960s featured an elm skyline wonderful trees huge and sighing like vast sailing galleons caught by a thrilling wind who'd have thought that countless millions of mighty elms would be brought crashing down by a beetle carrying the infamous dutch elm disease brings me to my stick which is from an elm sucker which sprang from the roots of a Walking Stick vast tree slaughtered by beetles over 60 years ago and cursed to die of the same disease until I took it down.

And I just take the top and put it right on my sanding belt and just take it right down to a sharp sharp point okay and then clean off the bare sandpaper or file and then that guy scrapes off you and handles comfortable so you can just space away and boy that gets everything off then it is a flat blade so it'll give you a series of little flat kind of facets on there they don't really want that so then what I do is I use this flex code I have this set of these and this has a round profile on it and that I go as I'm rotating my stick and that takes all those last little high spots off there and that's you're not gonna want to sand that you can't you don't want to do anything to it if you sand you're going to make it worse it's already as good as it can be and what's great is with this tool if its shopping.