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Walking Sticks Professional

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Walking stick or staffs right or canes or all of the above it's a whole bunch of things one of the things that I've seen several articles over the years on hiking staffs hiking walking sticks etc and they many of them will tell you it's going to be a certain height and so on high level so what is your optimal height this is my optimal I try to show them ya know that that's one guy if this is that this is a hiking Stan wait wait wait wait I see the resemblance Moses the Red Sea traits but I don't put these rocks well this is an interesting staff though I want you to tell the viewers what is made of this is made out of poison oak this came from poison oak and it's got about 19 20 coats of lacquer on and when this was sanded you had to wear a mask well it really is beautiful it has little critters on it you can't really see they don't photograph oil.

So why do you like this up this length okay I never I've never used one like this before I always use this like this height or I used to smash the Manzanilla stick for years and it was okay except if you're quite yourself crossing a gully the higher the stick the more leverage I can get I can actually I almost blew long in some cases but crossing creeks and stuff this is way way superior one of these just because I have more room to move yeah I guess the further the further you pitched this out the better you can brace against that as opposed this way you're stilling in this one but here it's you know more energy efficient and what I haven't done with this one yet is to put a strap up like this because one of the things that people talk about what if you're climbing you can which is actually climbing something at state it can't use one of these so you take this little good here and you just slip it over your wrist and you can oh and then you can grab on and grab still have it yeah I have had a chance of disciplines made by a friend of mine who unfortunately died and his sister gave this to me but I always admired it and I never then i sat there probably for six or seven months before ever used it when I finally took it out to use it in the field I went oh my god this is what I've been missing so weld it and it really is it really is pretty tell us about this a dynamo walking cane this thing will this is a black thorn and this will really beat you up this is this is something that I think I belong in my folder and I'm not since like to see you stupid yeah that's pretty cool then that water was so cold I came out of that.

Oh hardly in it to get wet but this is another hiking stick that you can kind of you can buy them they're made this is made by Ed McAlpine on the forum and he makes nice hiking stick we have one that a lot of people the style at least will be familiar for a lot of people this looks like a regular cane if you were to use this and what's good about a cane is you can take it anywhere and if you have to have a problem for self-defense with your cook on the cane you can grab somebody by their leg or by their armor by the back of their neck well and one thing I want to point out when we were playing with it earlier this back edge here yeah it's really sharp really I mean you hooked it around my leg and that wanted to dig in yeah it's gonna hurt well a cane is a great defensive weapon.